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Welcome To The Dungeon Striker Wiki

This Dungeon Striker wiki is open for all to contribute. The wiki is being maintained by and supported by the likes of you! While the game is not published in English, we believe it will be soon. Before that happens, this wiki hopes to gather and provide all the necessary information so that it can help you along your journey.

What is Dungeon Striker?

Dungeon Striker, the latest action RPG title from Eyedentity Games, is a project developed under the goal of making an easy and entertaining game for those who enjoy action RPGs.

Dungeon Striker resoloutely took out all the obstacles of other action RPGs, such as difficult and complicated controls, restricted job change system, long playing hours and etc. Instead, Dungeon and Striker will introduce various interesting new concepts like simple and spontaneous controls, 10 per sec speedy attack, and limitless job change system which can be combined with various job skills, and present the legitimate fun of action RPG, sweeping through the dungeons with unique personalized character.

Key Features Of Dungeon Striker

Speedy Action sweeping through the dungeons

Dungeon Striker's action system is foruces on attacking multiple enemies fast. Through the viewpoint designed to easily verify muliple enemies at once, speedy ten times per sec attack, and super deformed characters optimized for speedy battles, players will be pleased with their characters sweeping throughout the dungeons.

Personalized character created from limitless job change system

Dungeon Striker pursues "Limitless Job Change System" without class difference. Players may combine various job skills to create their unique characters, such as "Healing Mage" or "snaring/shadowing warrior". PvP between unique characters and party playing of distinctive classes combined are some of the diversified fun factors players would find entertaining.

Pleasant, stress-free game play

Dungeon Striker has an intuitive control system in which anyone can adopt fast and easily. To minimize the boredom of leveling up and farming, random map system that changes terrains every time players enter into the dungeons and auto attack system that is programmed to apply basic attack automatically are added. Also, to clip off unnecessary standbys and travel time, Dungeon Striker reduced the number of zone-loading sin the instance dungeons and added the "way point" or "portal" functions for players to quickly teleport.

One-Button Battle System

A very simple, hence litterally intuitive system has been brough to you by Dungeon Striker in order to deliver the satfifactions for both types of players: the ones who long for endless bombo actions through various controls and the others who feel complex control system as burdens.

We call it as "One-Button Battle System" and as it shows on its name, this feature simply allows the player to engage in combats by pressing ONE button. Without learning and being adapted to a new control system, this new feature absolutely guarentees that anyone can play easily and immediately while minimizing fatigues can be generated by game playing.

Wiki Tidbits

A list compiling the latest information pertaining to the Dungeon Striker Wiki for your entertainment purposes only. It shows the most popular, latest changes, and latest pages inside the wiki.

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