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Dungeon Striker has nine classes that players will be able to master. There are four starter classes that you will begin as. Once you reach level 20 and pass act 1 you will able to advance into another class branch. Other than Ranger class, everyone will be able to advance into one additional class. The Ranger class has a choice of two other advancements.

Dungeon Striker has a unique system, where even if you advance into other classes, you can go back to your previous class. You'll also be able to mix skills from other class of the same branch to your liking.



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The warrior has fast attack speed but weak basic attack. The warrior has the ability to survive any attack that comes it way. Protecting him is an ironclad armor and the battle Shield. The warrior can be a strong tanker when put in parties.


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The warrior once completed Act 1 can advance into a the berserker class. The berserker is ferociously strong. He can knock out enemys with high attack power and a wide range of assault skills. During battle, the berserker is fill with a heightened sense of anger and rage will fuel his strength. A large Claymore as his primary weapon and strong armor for his defense, the berserker has no equal. The berserker's attack while strong are a little slow but when angered can have his attack rate increase.


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The cleric is a divine being that bestow blessings onto his comrades while godly punishment to his enemies. The cleric has good defense with a sturdy shield and strong blows from his Mace. The cleric can be a healer or a powerful warrior. The warrior is a great adventurer who can solo deep into the dungeons.

High Priest

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The cleric once completed Act 1 can become the High Priest. The high priest is a specialist when it comes to party buffs and healing abilities. He can increase your attack power, speed, and defense. If you have a High Priest in your party, you will given God's divine blessing itself.


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The ranger is a dangerous being who can set traps and blitz their victims to death. The crossbow is a fast attacking weapon that keeps the lightly armored ranger away from danger. If you get close to one, don't be surprise if the ranger has set up a trap for you.


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Once the ranger completed Act 1 he can advance into Assassin class. The assassin class is proficient with close combat. His weapon of choice is speedy dagger, dipped with poison, and machine traps. The assassin likes to control the battlefield by making the enemy overwork to find him, before eventually succumbing to it's awesome power.

Canon Blazer

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Another secondary profession for the Ranger, the Canon Blazer is user of science and technology. The canon blazer has many type of bullets to kill its enemy with, as well has turrets that can bombard them to smithereens.


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The mage is master of the elements. She is able to control lightning, fire, and ice. She can annihilate a mob of enemies with many of her area of effect and chaining skills. Its best to keep a distance, because her armor is not too tough.


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A secondary class of the mage, the Wizard is an all powerful being that is greatly feared. She has overwhelming firepower that rivals even the Gods. She uses a wand to chant magical spells of gravity, flame, frost, and lightning unto her enemies.



The Warlock has a giant sickle as a means to destroy it's enemies. She controls the power of Dark Magic and has a power basic AOE attack. She has unlimited mana points, and has the potential to escape any corner. She has powerful passive skills and great at close range combat.

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