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Two Trees Grow In Lumina

In the beginning, two big trees appeared and gave life to all things.

Later by humans, one of them was called the 'Tree of Light' and the other the 'Tree of Darkness'.

From their bodies, new existences were created as the Tree of Light made the 'God of Light' and those called as the 'Descendants of Light', including humans, while the other, the Tree of Darkness produced the 'Descendants of Darkness' that were solely bound to kill and destroy. And they were created along their master, the 'God of Darkness'.

The Sacred tree war and the breakup of the continent

Under the command of the God of Darkness, the dark ones launched fierce attacks upon the light ones. This dreadful war lasted over two decades between the dark and the light.

The dark side was eager to fight to rule the world with the force of darkness by burning down the Tree of Light, and the light side swore to protect it against the dark ones. On the final day of the war, the God of Light used all the power he possessed and barely managed to defeat the God of Darkness.

But unfortunately, the powers used by the Gods were too great for the world to bear. Soon after the core of the planet was damaged seriously, and everything began shaking vigorously and all the lands were broken and fallen into pieces.

The God of Light had no choice but to be combined with the Tree of Light itself to save the world from total destruction.

The remaining forces of darkness were defeated and scattered. They hid themselves under the shadow of the Tree of Darkness, after losing their master.

In a world where no Gods exist, it became their destiny that the survivors of the Descendants of Light had to go through a long period of pain and suffering- both for their own survival and for keeping their oaths to protect the Tree of Light.

The never-ending fight

The destiny, however intertwined to give miseries to humans, did not stop there.

A new form of Darkness was coming, foretelling that another bloody war was imminent. It is clear as it came nearer, that the threat from the dark ones was of a new kind. And they called themselves as 'Demons'.

Formed over the dead body of the God of Darkness, these Demons have been hiding and laying low to grow their strength and power while mustering the remaining forces of the Descendants of Darkness. Against this overwhelming threat, the survivors of Light had successfully built a gigantic fortress to protect the Tree of Light- people called it 'Lumina City'- the city of Light. Soon, it became the last hope for the followers of Light.

In time, there will be another war begun. And there is a man, a warrior who follows the path of light...Now stands strong to protect his world and prove his belief....

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